How To Make a Indestructible Fuselage - $5

In today`s Episode 4 of how to make a $5 trainer scratch building the indestructible fuselage and make the firewall and wing + tail support making the body ready for installing the motor and electronics in the next episode
The first step is gathering the matirials 1x 80cm andd 18mm by 18mm wide strong andd stiff wooden stick then you need a 5cm wide 35cm long multiplex board cut in 3 ddifferent lengths 2 times 5 by 5cm for the firewall and extra support then one 5 by 15cm long for the polyhedral wing and one more 5 by 10cm for the tail support and 5x 2.5cm long screw and wood glue to make a indestrucrtible fuselage that build the best $5 trainer Rc plane to learn to fly with as a beginner pilot because it gives you the most seat time for the less amount of money making a mistake feel like fun instead of pain of having to go back home to repair your foamy again before trying again the next day waisting a lot of time and money while you can be out there having fun and learning from your mistake straight away that`s why we came up with builing the fuselage using a stiff indestructible wooden stick making sure the plane fuselage keeps the wing and tail level at all times even after a hard crash to give you the best chance to pick the plane up and try again!

Previous Episode how to make a cardboard tail section

$5 Rc Trainer Parts List For Sale at Banggood:

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