Volantex 759-3

Volantex 759-3 Phoenix 2400mm

2.4 Meter Wingspan Powered RC Glider


Fantastic Flight Superb Gliding Perfomance


Go: BangGood, AliExpress

"How To" Video

3D Printed Stik RC Plane

First flights of a 3D printed Stik RC plane

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3D Printed Jet Engine

watch me explaining how I created this kewl ass Jet Engine with 3D printed parts

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Testing a 3D printed propeller on an RC airplane
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RC 3D Printed Lifeboat

3D print files now availible! (much work in progress)

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Melusine - A 3D printable electric glider and FPV platform.

My first 3D printable airplane design

3D printed HUGE RC plane!
3D Printed RC A330 - Control Surfaces

A quick showcase of all control surface movements

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3D Printing Gives Flight to Unmanned Aircraft

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing teams up with Area-I and creates the world`s smallest jumbo jet to test high-risk circulation control systems, conformal fuel tank concepts and other advanced aerospace concepts with LS 3D printed parts

Homemade Airplane MK3 pt4

Today we built the wings and stressed them! also broke the engine in!

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The 3D Printed RC QTrainer

Yes, you can now `print` and fly your own 3D Printed RC `QTrainer` !

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Anet A8 3d printed propeller spinner for Focke Wulf 190A RC plane

I lost my spinner on my RC top HobbyFW190 and not being able to get a replacement I designed and printed one with this printer from Gearbest

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EASYMAX001, 3D printable RC plane

This aicraft is based on our Easy001 project which is very good plane for beginner, very easy to fly and relatively slow

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FPV flying a scratch built RC plane

FPV (first person view) flying my home-built RC plane

DIY 3D Printed RC Plane Launcher

DIY RC plane launcher using 3D printed parts and some PVC, rubber bands and zip ties

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How to make video

REAL Fortnite RC Battlebus!!!

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Today we made a flying model of the battle bus from fortnite! It ended up being more of a blimp rather than a hot air balloon but propane regulators at that size would be hard to find, nevermind...


3D Printed Airplane Crash

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It`s happening! We explore the world of crashing these magnificent aircraft


Mig-15, 3D printed and covered with chrome film

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Mig-15, 3D printed and covered with chrome film  


Best RC Airplane under 3000rs | Wltoys F949 2.4G 3Ch RC Airplane Unboxing & Testing | Shamshad…

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This is my first RC Airplane under 3000rs unboxing and testing video for you guys


How to make a rc plane - RC Airplane Drone - DIY (Part 2-1)

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In This Video How to make a rc plane


How to make rc plane m4 tec diy

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 how to make simple rc plane in Malayalam


styrofoam RC airplane MODS | homemade low cost project

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This time I`m going to teach you how to make modifications to the RC airplane to make it fly faster and better, but you`ll need some time and dedication to complete this project



RC Plane Poster  0  704
This is a brief video on how to make a RC Airplane


Eachine TS832 RC832 Boscam 5.8G 48CH 600mW FPV Transmitter Receiver Combo AV VTX RX For RC DroneTechOne Hobby No Gravity 840mm Wingspan 3D EPO Foam RC Airplane KITFokker E3 480mm Wingspan Balsa Wood Laser Cut RC Airplane KITWLtoys V911 2.4GHz 4CH Remote Control RC Helicopter with Gyro Mode 2Skyzone HD02 40CH 5.8G 7 Inch 1024x600 HD FPV Monitor HD Port With/Without DVR Build in BatteryFrSky Horus X10 16 Channels RC Drone Transmitter Mode 2 Left Hand Throttle Sliver & Amber ColoriRangeX iRX6 Multiprotocol TX Module for Flysky FS-i6 i6x Transmitter64mm Ducted Fan EDF Unit With 4500KV Brushless Outrunner Motor for RC Model