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RC Sirius Reichard | slope soaring

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Zálet po bouračce, která se rovnala totálce :-)


How to Make an RC Plane Using Packing Material (Thermocol)

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Hello Everyone! I will tell you how to make RC Airplanes from Using Packing Material (Thermocol)


Custom build for drone fishing

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This is our DIY custom heavy duty hexacopter drone we use for dropping shark baits out behind the surf line


MinimumRC ASG 32 Glider 560mm Wingspan Foam RC Airplane KIT Build

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Overview and build of this neat little glider, weighs only 33g INCLUDING the battery!!


Working Remote Control Spy Plane In Build A Boat For Treasure In Roblox

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 Working Remote Control Spy Plane


RC Homemade Remote Control Airplane Flying Beginner Do it at home

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This plane make from cardboard with easy way and use electric remote control


Traxxas Maxx ZOP Power 4S Battery Test

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Get the ZOP Power 4S 7000mah pack here -


How to make remote control plane at home

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What we need to making rc remote control