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SUKHOI SU 27 EPO 6CH 6 Axis Gyro 3D

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SUKHOI SU 27 EPO 720mm Wingspan RC Airplane Ready to Fly DIY 3D Stunt Fixed Wing War Fighter Aircraft with Battery Remote Controlled RTF Mode 2


RC Paper Airplane How to Make

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At the request of many viewers, I decided to take on the challenge of making an RC paper airplane! Turns out its not too hard at all to accomplish!  


Cheap Cessna Glider RC Plane! (Review)

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Today I look at a two channel trainer aircraft, its cheap, durable, and easy to fly, so should you buy it?


Foam board tools for rc plane builds

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These tools make rc scratch building easier and faster


R/C Cardboard Stick Plane

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I built this simple plane because I had this wing left over from a school project and didn`t want to let it go to waste


Cheap Brushless 4WD Rock Racer Feiyue Desert Eagle Review

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Get the Brushless Feiyue FY-03H Desert Eagle here -


FT Mini Corsair CRASH again DIY RC airplane

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just prop broken


Slope Soaring with XK A 800

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Slope gliding with XK A800 motor glider paired with my RadioMaster TX16S