CG calc online

 Online calculation of the center of gravity of an aircraft model.

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DIY Skis For RC Plane

 A selection of technologies for making skis for a radio-controlled model aircraft.

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How To Balance Propellers on RC airplanes

Easy way to balane propeler.

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Updated RC Coupons

Updated coupons for RC airplane, drone and parts.

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Stay home and have fun!

 Stay at home!

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How to translate the drawing model aircraft

A very simple way to translate the inscriptions on the drawings of radio-controlled aircraft.

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Working instructions Extra 300 – 3D Printable

 This RC model is designed to print in a regular desktop 3D printer.

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How to make Bixler

This article describes my building plan and steps. I've got many requests to declare the PDF Plan after sharing my images. I have made 2 units of this design and the first one flew good. 



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Eachine EV100 Review

The Eachine EV100 FPV goggle review are some crazy good goggles.

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Home made patch antenna

 GP PATCH ANTENNA (Goof-Proof Patch)

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KRAGA Maripi - 3D printed RC acrobat plane

Kraga Maripi is a 3d printed RC plane with span of 1.1 m. It is made out of printed parts and carbon spars.

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How To Build RC airplane Thurston Teal

Manufacturing RC hydroplane from foam.

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How to make video

How to Make RC Plane (Part 4)

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In this video we will discuss about Center of Gravity of RC plane i


World's Smallest Radio Controlled Model Plane

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From Quiet & Electric Flight International


How to fly 4 channel RC airplane

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This is the very basics to learning how to fly 4 channel RC airplane


Composite RC Gliders TT Infinity

RC Plane Poster  0  1023
Slope Soaring Low Wind Condition


Qantas- Boeing 737 MAX-8 RC Airplane build video by Ramy RC

RC Plane Poster  1  6399
This airplane is made out of Depron foam, balsa wood and carbon fiber roods for enforcement


How To Make Rc Plane - Moter And Propeller

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This Video Is About Moter And How To Choose Propellers For Your Rc Plane