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    rc plans of sailplane

    Material for Micro Quark

    • Balsa 3 mm — 1 board
    • Balsa 2mm — 4 boards
    • Sticks 4x4mm balsa: about 4 m
    • Against-plated 3 mm light: A piece of 300x150 mm
    • Against-plated 2 mm: A piece of 150x90 mm
    • Carbon tube 3 mm: 2x600 mm (leading edge) + 2x 90mm (stab) + 1x 190mm (drift)
    • Carbon Tube 6 mm (rails): 2x 640 mm
    • Tube or rod of 4 mm: 2x140 mm (keys of wings)
    • Balsa block of about 60x60 mm (nose, or stack of balsa)

    make a rc sailplane

    The construction is not difficult, and applied a beginner just complete it without too much trouble. 

    make a rc sailplane

    make a rc sailplane

    So you will have 4 mini servos. For the fuselage, they will be screwed on ST1 and ST2 turntables. The drift may be ordered by a cable-way, and classically stab with a stick of wood or carbon tube with screeds or piano wire bent Z. 
    For the wings of the vector: The servo is glued on the "lid" of wood, then the whole is screwed onto its plate between the ribs N4 and N5.

    make a rc sailplane

    make a rc sailplane

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