Free plans for Edge 540 1200mm

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Сергей # 25 april 2021 in 13:58 0
RC Plane Poster # 26 april 2021 in 14:13 0
The link has been updated. Try now.
camago64 # 3 november 2021 in 03:22 0
Hi, your plane looks great!... But the SketchUp File is next to impossible to use, ... bad for me!. PDF would have been friendlier!
ted # 27 april 2022 in 01:51 0
it doesnt open for me you just formatted with xml format can u fix that and upload the right plan for us?
RC Plane Poster # 2 may 2022 in 01:19 0
I did a download check, the zip file loaded without problems.
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