$139 Beginner Fpv Drone Kit - Eachine Novice 2

New to Fpv? Start here with everything you need to fly Fpv for $139. A quad bundle that you can learn with and progress to flying Freestyle Fpv. This quad can be flown on any transmitter or fpv goggles. Beginner to Intermediate...

Buy a variety of Novice RTF Bundles below
***Ships from USA or China.

Novice 1 - 75mm Fpv 1-2S Whoop Bundle $139
Banggood : http://rcmove.ru/gy9
Save an extra 7% off with coupon code : DroneCampsRC

Novice 2 - 120mm Fpv 1-2S Brushless Quad Bundle $135
Banggood : http://rcmove.ru/gyb
Save an extra 7% off with coupon code : DroneCampsRC

Novice 3 - 135mm Fpv 3S Quad Bundle $220
Banggood : http://rcmove.ru/gyd
Save an extra 7% off with coupon code : DroneCampsRC

Recommended Batteries for Novice 1 and 2 :
1S 450mah 5-Pack here : http://rcmove.ru/gyf
1S 550mah 5 Pack here : http://rcmove.ru/gyh

Recommended Batteries for Novice 3 :
3S 450mah here : http://rcmove.ru/gyj

Recommended Propellers for Novice 1 : http://rcmove.ru/gyl
Recommended Propellers for Novice 2 : http://rcmove.ru/gyn
Recommended Propellers for Novice 3 : http://rcmove.ru/gyp

Justin`s alternate recommendation for the same type of RTF
Fpv beginner bundle here : http://rcmove.ru/gyr

My Radio of choice : Taranis X10S here :
Best Goggles in the history of Fpv. *DJI Digital Fpv System here : http://rcmove.ru/gyt
My favorite 5" frame kit for DJI Digital System here : http://rcmove.ru/gyv
My favorite 3" BNF for DJI Digital System here : http://rcmove.ru/gyx
The DJI Digital Fpv System Camera Only here : http://rcmove.ru/gyz
The DJI Digital Fpv Goggles Only here : http://rcmove.ru/gz1
The DJI Digital Fpv Camera Only here : http://rcmove.ru/gz3
My Budget Radio choice for beginners here $100 : http://rcmove.ru/gz5
My best performing battery for 5" quads : http://rcmove.ru/gz7
My best performing battery for 3" quads : http://rcmove.ru/gz9
My best performing 3S battery for 2" quads : http://rcmove.ru/gzb
My best performing 2S battery for 2" quads : http://rcmove.ru/gzd
My favorite micro brushless quad : http://rcmove.ru/gzf
My favorite Fpv Cinema 4K Drone : http://rcmove.ru/gzh
My favorite 4S 5" race/freestyle quad : http://rcmove.ru/gzj
My favorite 6S 5" race/freestyle quad : http://rcmove.ru/gzl
My favorite 3" quad here : http://rcmove.ru/gzn
My favorite toothpick quad here : http://rcmove.ru/gzp
My favorite 65mm props here : http://rcmove.ru/gzr
My favorite 5" props here : http://rcmove.ru/gzt
My drone landing pad here : http://rcmove.ru/gzv
My favorite Fpv Goggles Skyzone 030 OLED : http://rcmove.ru/gzx
Economy pair of googles under $100 here : http://rcmove.ru/gzz
My favorite goggle antennas
Foxeer 8db Echo Patch Antenna : http://rcmove.ru/h01
Foxeer Lollipop Antenna : http://rcmove.ru/h03
Receiver of choice for most quads : Frsky XM+ here : http://rcmove.ru/h05

Disclosure : Any video produced on this channel may have
an affiliate link in the description. Meaning I may make a
monetary compensation. Gotta eat! :) - Thanks for watching!

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