MJX RC Bugs 3 Low Cost Brushless Motor Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This relatively inexpensive large brushless motor camera quadcopter can fly far and fast, and has low battery and range telemetry warnings. Quadcopter courtesy of MJX R/C. Available from from GearBest http://bit.ly/2wwtdZv and available here from Banggood at http://bit.ly/2wwtueZ

- Brushless motor quadcopter at a reasonable price.
- Very good and maneuverable flier at high rate. Yet nice and stable at low rate for aerial video purposes.
- Good advertised range at 300 to 500 meters. But in this video I limited the range that I was flying to just over 200 meters, as this black quadcopter gets difficult to see at that range.
- Provides telemetry warning beeps of low battery or when flying near the quadcopter`s range limit.
- Includes a camera mount that accomodates most GoPro style action cameras including Xiaomi Yi and even the larger SJCAMs (I attached an SJ4000+ in this video).

- Not for beginners. Requires manual flying, is difficult to maintain orientation (all black), and does not have altitude hold. And generally, brushless motor quadcopters are just not safe in the hands of a new flier. You really should be experienced in the following skill before considering this quadcopter.


- The stock battery is somewhat proprietary. Yet many large 7.4v batteries will fit in its battery compartment, and can be used if you can incorporate a XT30 battery plug to connect to the quadcopter.
- I had to land much earlier than the advertised 19 minutes flight time at 8 minutes 42 seconds due to low battery telemetry alert. The battery had 7.57V remaining capacity measured after landing. Also to be fair, the battery was not yet conditioned, and it was lifting the weight of a SJCAM while being aggressively flown.

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