ZLRC SG906 Pro2 Three Axis Gimbal Drone Flight Test Review


This long flying, long range drone now includes a three axis stabilized gimbal, a larger battery for longer flight time, and an optional PA megaphone speaker for crowd control ;-)

Find it here http://rcmove.ru/uzp

- Folding drone for portability.
- Brushless motors
- Takes 4K (4096 x 3072 pixel) photos, and 2K (2048 x 1090 pixel @ 25fps) video with no fisheye effect!
- Includes three axis stabilized gimbal.
- GPS and optical flow sensors for stable hover.
- Automatic return to home and landing capability on command, loss of signal, and low battery.
- Larger 3400mah 2S battery provides up to 28 minute flight time. The battery is also interchangeable with all of the three versions of the SG906 (i.e. you can use the 2800 and 3400mah batteries with all three). I got close to 21 minutes in this review flight, similar to the flight time that I got with the smaller 2800 battery. But I was flying on a very breezy day which may have reduced the flight time of the 3400mah battery.
- Up to 600 meter control and FPV range.
- FPV video and advanced flight modes of circle position, follow me and waypoints are available using the Hfun Pro app available on Google Play here https://bit.ly/HFunProAndroid and App Store here https://bit.ly/HFunPro .

- Weighs well over 250 grams, and will require registration in most countries.
- Although you can still record video and photos with out the app, use of the app for FPV and advanced flight modes requires a phone with 802.11ac WiFi capability. Not all phones have 802.11ac WiFi. To avoid disappointment and before purchasing, it is very important to first verify that your phone does indeed have 802.11ac WiFi.
- App`s optical follow me feature did not work. Also GPS follow me was somewhat inaccurate.
- Although with three axis gimbal, I did not see much dampening of the video when turning the drone. The video still seemed to besimilar to that of a two axis drone. Also noticed some jello in the video.
- Low battery warning and geofence comes on very early in flight. In this review, it activated at 11 1/2 minutes, restricting the remainder of the flight to less than 20 meters from takeoff. The drone still had another 9 minutes of flight time remaining before it had to land on depleted battery.
- Remote up and down movement of the camera lens is very jerky.
- And finally the optional megaphone speaker is very short range, and very distorted.

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