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Free plans for Su-37 Super Flanker Park Jet

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    Free plans for rc airplane Su-37 Super Flanker Park Jet

    Specs Su-37 Super Flanker Park Jet:

    • Wing area: 290 sq in
    • Span: 30.0”
    • Length: 43.2”
    • Weight RTF: 22 to 28 oz 
    • Wing loading: 11 to 14 oz/sq ft
    • Motor: Two Littlescreamers Park Jet (LSPJ)
    • Flight controls: Tailerons, rudder (optional), thrust vectoring (optional)

    Free plans for rc airplane Su-37 Super Flanker Park Jet

     This model was designed specifically for two Littlescreamers Park Jet motors so it’s sized slightly larger than my other park jets, with 290 sq in wing area instead of 250 sq in. This motor setup provide fantastic performance--top speed in the neighborhood of 80 mph and 1.5:1 thrust-to-weight ratio for unlimited vertical. Plus the counter-rotating props cancel out prop torque, resulting in very smooth launches and more jet-like handling qualities.

    Free plans for rc airplane Su-37 Super Flanker Park Jet

     Construction methods are very similar to the rest of my park jet designs. Although it's a bit more complicated than the F-15 and F-18 park jets, it's less complicated than the F-14 and F-22 park jets. Overall I think the build is pretty simple and straightforward and goes quickly. The hardest part about building this model is that it requires a LOT of sanding due to all the complex curves and fillets.

    Free plans for rc airplane Su-37 Super Flanker Park Jet

     Note there are many options for how this model can be set up, including:

    • With or without canard – The plans show all the modifications necessary to convert this Su-37 to one of the original Su-27 or Su-30 variants.
    • Twin motors or single motor – The plans show how to adapt this model to a single motor mounted on the centerline (either with or without thrust vectoring)
    • With or without thrust vectoring – The TV system provides amazing maneuverability but is completely optional—this model still handles great without it

    Free plans for rc airplane Su-37 Super Flanker Park Jet


    Free plans for rc airplane Su-37 Super Flanker Park Jet


    Free plans for rc airplane Su-37 Super Flanker Park Jet


    Free plans for rc airplane Su-37 Super Flanker Park Jet


    Free plans for rc airplane Su-37 Super Flanker Park Jet



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