Free plans for Extra 300S 60

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    Free plans for balsa rc airplane Extra 300S 60

    Extra 300S 60. Radio control sport-scale model, for 60 power.

    The Extra is a rather 'square shaped' airplane with well defined lines. Coincidentally, this makes it exceptionally easy to build and cover — especially for a semi-scale sport model. Framing the model is very straightforward as most of the structure features interlocking balsa and lite-ply. The turtle deck sheeting may look a little intimidating but in actuality it is quite easy to apply if you follow the instructions and use the template provided to cut the sheeting.

    Free plans for balsa rc airplane Extra 300S 60

    Flying the Extra 300S is a thrilling experience — as it should be for such an aerobatic model! It doesn't take much elevator or aileron throw to put the Extra through its paces. When you have a feel for your Extra 300S, the throws can be increased to high rates to really showcase the aerobatic potential. The Extra performs surprisingly well on a ball bearinged, Schnuerle ported .61, and even better with a .91 4-stroke, but seasoned experts will surely want to get the most out of the Extra by strapping on a .91 2-stroke or a 1.20 4-stroke.

    Free plans for balsa rc airplane Extra 300S 60

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Comments (2)
tab # 12 june 2020 in 11:18 0
I would like to know the scale per% in Adobe Illustrator CS6.
Marat Aminev # 30 may 2021 in 22:28 0
Beauty basald. Veri nice Knife Rotation - i think it is need more practise to show its good. this is not a complaint but i am not seen a flat spin and Weble Buble or PopUp tricks in this video, that hase the flat spin manover inside such a element of the base. And all of you shown is a Good Skils and profy piloting on the cuted grass.Thank for this video.
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