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    Valise advocates "wa-lies" and stands in French for the far less melodious German word "suitcase". Therefore, the model is called so because on the one hand due to the high fuselage — has become quite a suitcase and because it is decomposed nimble reinpassen in just such a — as they say. 

    To achieve maximum driving quality, everything is optimized for Valise on suitcase suitability. For this, the handy 895 millimeters (mm) wingspan — held by a simple rubber ring fastening to the hull — halved by joiner. The elevator is in its removability is a small highlight because it snaps into place over three round magnets and at the same time stabilizes the fin. You probably have never seen a model decomposed faster.

    The Valise spans 90 cm, weighs 160 grams and has finished departure KFm2 a profile, which is just as primitive as effectively — because it simply is no stall.
    And I have the same drive setup as in MILANO used: a 2500 KV fairly high-revving 18-g-BL turns a 6x3 Graupner Klappluftschraube of 2S LiPo 350 mAh, and thus the model is powerfully vertically in a matter of seconds on initial height.

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stefano38068 # 15 december 2019 in 22:24 0
ottimo. inizio la costruzione. grazie, ciao
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