Free plans for Phoebe

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Captain Dunsel (Bill Bowne) # 18 february 2022 in 22:03 0
Please remove this plan from your catalogue. The rights to it are in the process of being sold to a paper magazine publisher.
RC Plane Poster # 19 february 2022 in 12:15 0

The drawings are taken from an open source - here.
Please contact me on that site. My nickname is Barim.

Unfortunately, too many haters require the removal of drawings that are not their authors.

Sincerely, Barim

Bill Bowne # 28 february 2022 in 16:15 0
Barim, I've posted to you on RC Groups. I ask you remove this plan. In return, I'll submit other plans that aren't going to be submitted for paper publications.
RC Plane Poster # 1 march 2022 in 12:41 0
Thank you, the plans file has been removed at your request.
Bill Bowne # 1 march 2022 in 16:45 0
Thank you, Barim. I'll contact you on RC Groups, so we can arrange for getting you the other plans I've promised.

Bill Bowne (Captain Dunsel)
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