Free plans for F-22 Raptor

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How to make video

We built an RC AIRPLANE using only a QUADCOPTER, PAPER and TAPE

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We set out on a crazy quest to convert our mini quadcopter into a remote control airplane using only two sheets of paper and scotch tape! The Amazing Pink Mini Quadcopter:



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how to make a plastic canopy from a pet bottle


RC Plane Homemade cheap way..

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This is a very good ,stable and high performance plane


iFlight ProTek 25 & 35 are the BEST Beginner and Pro FPV Drones! Review

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In this review I take a look at the new iFlight ProTek 25 FPV Drone



How to make Rc Plane At home

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3D plane


Sparrow 2/3 SIZE FAILURE wing span 500mm DIY RC airplane

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I guess the airplane is too small for 5mm foam sheets


How to make a quadcopter at home # (Part-1)

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How to make a quadcopter!!!!! which now many are wanting to learn