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    free 3d printed rc plane files - rc airplane Joker

    Joker is a 3D printed V-tail glider with 1710 mm wingspan. 4 servo wing includes ailerons and flaps, so it allows multiple flight configurations for every flight mode.

    Fast flybys, slow stall speed, nice glide flight. This model is prepared just for Simplify3D slicer.

    free 3d printed rc plane files - rc airplane Joker

    Lenght: 1 040 mm
    Wingspan: 1 710 mm
    Height: 180 mm
    Print weight: 740 g
    Empty weight: 1 020 g
    Takeoff weight approx: 1 175 g
    Airfoil: S3021 modificated
    Wing area: 31 dm2
    Wing loading: 38 g/dm2

    free 3d printed rc plane files - rc airplane Joker

    If possible, use Simplify3D software version 4.1.1, whichworks better with the initial points of printing layer.
    General printing parameters
    The temperature setting can bedifferent for different brands andtypes of PLA filament. Try it.(210-260 °C)
    Nozzle Diameter: 0,40 mm
    Extrusion Multiplier: 1,00
    Extrusion Width: 0,40 mm
    Primary Layer Height: 0,2 mm
    First Layer Height: 100 %
    First Layer Width: 100 %
    First Layer Speed: 50 — 60 %
    Temperature Primary Extruder: 230 °C
    Temperature Heat Bed: 60 °C
    No Cooling!
    Default Printing Speed: 40,0 mm/s

    free 3d printed rc plane files - rc airplane Joker



    2830 1300Kv2830 1300Kv
    BangGood, AliExpress
    ESC 30A BECEsc 30A Bec
    BangGood, AliExpress
    9X6 Folding Propeller9X6 Folding Propeller
    BangGood, AliExpress
    1500Mah 3S Lipo1500Mah 3S Lipo
    BangGood, AliExpress
    Ds 239MgDs 239Mg
    BangGood, AliExpress
    Servo 9GServo 9G
    BangGood, AliExpress

    JOKER — 3D printed RC plane — step by step assembly

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