Free plans for Sharky Boxwing

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     Due to the low wing loading the model flies well even in the hall.

    free plans rc model

    Technical specifications:
    Wingspan: 970 mm
    Length: 520 mm (depending on engine)
    Flight Weight: under 200g
    Drive and RC (recommended): Motor — Dymond GTX 2712, 1,720 kV (Weight: 17.5g)
    Controller: Dymond smart 10, 10 A (weight: 9)
    Battery: Dymond 2s LiPo LC 450, 30C (weight: 32g)
    Servos: Dymond DS 37 digital (Weight: 4 g)
    Propeller: GWS 8 x 4,3 Slowfly
    Receiver: 4 channels

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