Free plans for Print and fly. PAF

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    Here is my model airplane project. It has been almost 3 months in the making.

    Print and fly. PAF

    Having tested countless designs to achieve the lightest and strongest possible construction, this is my final build.
    It was designed as a complete project incorporating motor and servo mountings, push rods and control horn locations, with interchangeable engine cowling at the firewall. All control surfaces, rudder and elevators are pre-slotted for hinge insertions and can be glued in place with super glue.

    Print and fly. PAF

    The air craft is a typical high wing Clark Y-wing section with good dihedral and lots of wing area. This is an easy-to-fly trainer model, not representing any scale design of any kind. It is a popular design for anybody starting out, irrespective that it is a 3d printing exercise in RC modeling.

    Print and fly. PAF

    The whole plane is constructed in modules no larger than your Makerbot-type 3d printer. The proto type here in the pictures was created on so most printers with a compatible print area will suffice.

    Print and fly. PAF

    Instructions for printing are as follows:

    To achieve the weight required the main thing to remember is to keep the fuselage, wings and tail planes set to hollow and extrude only 1 layer into the perimeter. Keep the extrusion ratio down as low as possible. Other parts such as bulk heads and servo mountings can be solid. All STL files are presented on opening in their recommended printing orientation.

    Print and fly. PAF

    I have included a photo tutorial that will help with the assembly procedure. My plane was manufactured in ABS and then glued together with acetone and supper glue.

    Print and fly. PAF

    The hinging of all movable surfaces such as ailerons, elevators and rudders utilize standard CA model plane hinges no wider than 14 mm.

    Print and fly. PAF


    G-code settings
    name = Yellow PAF
    ; layer_thickness_mm = 0.25
    ; extrusion_width_mm = 0.5
    ; num_loops = 1
    ; skin_thickness_mm = 0
    ; infilldensity 0
    ; stacked_layers = 1
    ; support_density = 0
    ; raft_mode = 0

    Print and fly. PAF

    This is an experimental exercise so any improvements and ideas will be very welcome. Thank you.

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Comments (7)
Koen # 13 april 2018 in 22:21 0

I want to try and print your design! Is it possible to get some sort of 3d software files? as i want to open them in Fusion to combine some of the parts so i have to glue less components together en get a stronger wing that way. I have a print height of 30cm so the wing sections can be a lot bigger. But i cannot combine the STL files in fusion as i get a mesh error.

Thanks in advance!!

RC Plane Poster # 14 april 2018 in 19:03 0
Sorry. The files are laid out as is.
Willie # 29 february 2020 in 16:00 0
try using meshmixer to join the parts
Terje # 8 march 2020 in 12:56 0
Thanks you for posting the files.
Your design printed just fine with PLA. Unfortunately the final assembly turned out to be tail heavy and will require additional weight in the nose section to get CG right. As the total flying weight is quite high this might be unfavourable. An updated version could maybe lean out the design of the tail feathers and have thinner fuselage walls.
My two cents worth.
Happy flying
RC Plane Poster # 9 march 2020 in 11:13 0
In order not to add weight to the nose, you can print a spacer under the motor.
If the motor moves forward, the CG will also move.
Алексей # 7 august 2020 in 16:50 0
скажите а крыло собирается на два круглых карбоновых стержня, или просто клеится. видно в профиле крыла 2 круглых отверствия
RC Plane Poster # 12 august 2020 in 13:54 0
2 круглых штыря - это для крепления крыла резинкой. Крыло просто клеится. Если будет силовой 3Д пилотаж, то можно вставить карбоновый лонжерон.
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