Free plans for Sbach 342

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Deven # 4 april 2020 in 22:24 0
Please provide Build Guide- step by step.
RC Plane Poster # 5 april 2020 in 00:03 0
Unfortunately, I cannot devote much time to the site. When at least 500 Patrons gather at the, I can start making step-by-step instructions for building aircraft models for each of the drawings.
Gabriel # 26 april 2020 in 12:45 0
Beautiful plane! While waiting for 500 Patrons gather at the can you post a video of the flight please? And why put micro servos instead of standard servos? Are they powerful enough?
RC Plane Poster # 26 april 2020 in 14:36 0
A 9 gram servo is enough for flying and performing figures. You can supply 18 grams or standard. Alteration will not be difficult.
Gabriel # 26 april 2020 in 16:09 0
Ok, thanks !
Jiri # 20 october 2021 in 12:00 0
Very nice plane. If I understand well, wings are covered by 6 mm foam too.
How to make video


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