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    The plane is "minimal"
    (why minimal? Yes, because the minimum effort and maximum pleasure))))

    Plans for balsa airplane Minimal

    swing 2100mm
    Length 1600mm
    takeoff weight 5500+

    Plans for balsa airplane Minimal
    spar head pine 6 * 6
    spar sliver pine 5 * 5
    lining of the main spar with a balsa shelf of 3 mm thickness is mandatory throughout the console
    pipe in the wing 18mm dural or carbon (only not aluminum !!!)
    stabilizer tube 10mm aluminum

    Plans for balsa airplane Minimal
    covering the entire aircraft balsa 1,5mm
    engine from 2.5 liters.
    Servo from 8kg with metal reducer
    all the hogs and thrust ball bearings under 3mm

    Takeoff and Flights




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Mukhdi # 24 january 2020 in 17:21 0
This is a great Design ... I really like the Stabilizer model
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