How To Start Designing RC Airplanes in Fusion 360 Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to design a RC airplane but don`t know where to start? Do you want to design scaled airplane plans that can then be used for cutting out foam, balsa, plywood, or carbon fiber with a laser or CNC Machine?

Then learning how to use Fusion 360 is a great place to start, especially if you want to take scratch building airplanes to the next level! You don`t have to be an expert, even a beginner RC enthusiast can learn. I`d love to show you how I got started. In this episode, I introduce you to some of the basics you`ll need to know to get started using Fusion 360 (CAD software). It`s the software I used to go from a blank workspace, to a fully framed, ready for CNC and Laser cutting in order to build an RC scale airliner. The RC model I am working on is the classic and ground breaking L-1011 Airliner.


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