Free plans for FanTrainer

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Danie # 21 may 2021 in 08:20 0
Is there maybe a build video or instruction for the FanTrainer.

How to make video

Delta wing rc plane - Pizza box rc plane

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This is DIY rc plane


3D printed plane wing with ailerons and flaps

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Printed on a Makerbot Replicator 2


RC Airplane Made of FOOD

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AYYYYEEEE today we made a FOOD RC PLANE!  


Lockdown Free Slope Soaring

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A nice few hours up on the big Welsh hills flying


SOLAR powered Plane / Drone / FPV / Build / RC Aircraft

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Build of a Solar powered RC controlled flying Wing that is completely self sufficient with a build in Autopilot and Camera equipment


Mini Twin Speed Plane - RCTESTFLIGHT -

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A very fast little twin


3d Printed Spitfire maiden flight

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I 3d printed a 3dLabPrint spitfire