How To Make RC Plane at Home


In this video, I have shown you How to make an RC Plane from Corosheet step by step at home. Also, this remote control airplane is very easy to build and fly for beginners. This airplane works with a high-speed brushless motor and Transmitter and receiver.

I am a beginner too and I took this plane when there was a strong wind and obviously I crashed it. But we will do better next time.

Material Required:
1400KV Brushless Motor with 30A ESC and Propellors
1500 mAh Battery
Flysky 6 channel Transmitter and Receiver
3 Servo

Weight: 900g
Centre of gravity: 25%-33%
The material used to make the body of a plane: Corosheet (As it can be available at any Crafts shop as compared to foam sheets

0:00 Final product
0:17 Introduction
0:38 Wing of the Plane
2:58 Making a Fuselage
4:19 Adding Motor
4:42 Elevator and Rudder
5:40 Adding Wheels
5:51 Adding all the Electronic Components
7:10 Add wing to the Fuselage
8:31 Final Test

Thanks for Watching...

Free RC plane

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