3D printed RC P51-D

3D printed North American P51-D Mustang semiscale 1:12 ACES Aircombat ready

Fuselage assembling...

Future of flying - Print your own plane
The first fully printable airplane with suitable files prepared for your 3Dprinter. Flight charecteristics are comparable or even better than classic
build model airplane. 
Simply download and then print it anytime you need only for $10 (filament cost).
This is not a dream, now you can print this HI-TECH …. at home, print spar parts, and so on...

Both parts the wing and the fuselage features extensive hitech 3d structural reinforcement which makes the model very rigid while still maintaining lightweight airframe and exact airfoil even when it is made only from plastic. This perfect and exact 3d structure is possible only due to aditive 3dprinting technology. So welcome to the 21th century of model flying. Be The first at your airfield. Of course we complies with the ACES aircombat rules.

Easy to assembly, you do not need any extra tool or hardware, you only need to glue printed parts together. The rest of the assembly is very easy.Simply add brushless motor, ESC, servos and radio system. Don´t worry, detailed step by step PDF/VIDEO is included.

You will get superb performance airplane with High efficient powerplant which let you fly 7+ minutes at full throtle with the speed exceeding 150 kph. On the other hand low stall speed is achived for easy landing

Catalog: 3D Printed RC Airplane Plans

Free RC plane

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