Free plans for Sea Wind

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john # 9 august 2023 in 08:53 0
Great job
How to make video

4 Amazing RC Flying models (Toys)| that you make at home

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Hello Friends, In this video I will show you top 4 Amazing RC flying models of our channel


Unbreakable Trainer RC Plane

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Aeroplane Flying Weight - 75 Gram, Motor :- 2pcs x N30 motors


How to Make Radio Control Airplane Form Thermocol

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Today i am showing how to make Radio control Airplane at Home 


ZLRC SG906 Pro2 Three Axis Gimbal Drone Flight Test Review

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This long flying, long range drone now includes a three axis stabilized gimbal, a larger battery for longer flight time, and an optional PA megaphone speaker for crowd control ;-)



ZOHD Talon 250G FPV Version

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Если вам понадобится штопор для открытия вина, то этот самолет делает отличные штопоры! Об этом и многом другом в супер длинном видосе-челендже по запуску нового sub250 самолета от компании ZOHD с...


Rc Jet FF -15 Homemade DIY Rc Plane Cardboard Maiden And Crash

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In this short video I maiden the FF -15 that I made out of cardboard which resulted in a crash


Mamba F405 20A Stack Redneck Review

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Cooter reviews the Mamba F405 Stack on a 6 inch Floss