Free plans for Cessna 182 Skyline

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    free plans balsa rc airplane Cessna 182 Skyline

    The recommended engine size range is as follows:
    .60 to .91 cu. in. 2-stroke
    .90 to 1.20 cu. in. 4-stroke

    free plans balsa rc airplane Cessna 182 Skyline

    The Cessna 182 Skylane will fly well with any of the recommended engines. The 4-stroke engines and most .90 2-stroke engines will turn a larger prop at lower rpm. This is often desirable for scale realism. Many .60 2-stroke engines produce about as much horsepower as the popular .90 2-stroke engines. Both are fine choices for the Skylane. If you use a .60 2-stroke, a Schnuerle-ported engine is preferred.

    free plans balsa rc airplane Cessna 182 Skyline

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What do you mean for this project?
I have to do this plane?
Please, answer me..
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