Free plans for Edge 540T 30cc

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    Free plans for balsa rc airplane Edge 540T 30cc

    Friends, I propose to build drawings of the Edge 540T aircraft.
    Aircraft with a scope of 1800mm, under a gasoline 30SS or an electric motor. Included are files for cutting balsa and plywood parts, a hood and a lantern in IGS, a 3D model of Solid.
    Success in the construction!


    Free plans for balsa rc airplane Edge 540T 30cc


    The 30cc EDGE 540  is capable of any aerobatic maneuver. After you gain some confidence and little experience flying the airplane you can cut loose and perform any maneuver you can think of. Here is a list of some of the more popular aerobatic and 3D maneuvers you can try:

    •  Loops and rolls
    •  Knife edge flight
    •  Stall turns
    •  Snap rolls
    •  2, 4, and 8 point rolls
    •  Slow rolls
    •  Spins upright and inverted
    •  Flat Spins upright and inverted
    •  Harriers upright and inverted
    •  Water falls
    •  Torque Rolls
    •  Rolling circles

    The sky and your imagination are you only limits.

    FLY and ENJOY!


    Free plans for balsa rc airplane Edge 540T 30cc


    Free plans for balsa rc airplane Edge 540T 30cc


    Free plans for balsa rc airplane Edge 540T 30cc


    Free plans for balsa rc airplane Edge 540T 30cc


    Free plans for balsa rc airplane Edge 540T 30cc


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Comments (15)
Gabriel # 26 april 2020 in 21:35 0
Beautiful, is there a forum on the stages of construction ?
Gabriel # 27 april 2020 in 17:08 0
beautiful plans! is there a construction forum?
RC Plane Poster # 28 april 2020 in 09:52 0
These drawings were posted by the Russian developer at the Russian forum 7 years ago. Discussions on the construction of them was not conducted.
Gabriel # 28 april 2020 in 12:30 0
ok, and do you cover the wing with a leading edge sheet?
RC Plane Poster # 28 april 2020 in 14:43 0
Gabriel # 30 april 2020 in 18:16 0
Ok, thank you !
Krysiu # 29 may 2020 in 07:51 0
Are you have photo of elevator ? How its made? Sorry for my english :) Do you have any instructions for this model ?
RC Plane Poster # 30 may 2020 in 10:58 0
Solid balsa stitching.

Ludwig # 2 april 2023 in 22:43 0
do you have the files for this rudder or elevator?
Is it possible to get these files or drawings?

Thanks for your answer

Best regards
tab # 12 june 2020 in 07:41 0
I want to know the size in illustrator. How much scale do I need to enlarge?
nihar # 14 october 2020 in 22:11 0
can you give full photo of the model after its ready
RC Plane Poster # 19 october 2020 in 00:08 0
Unfortunately, this aircraft model was assembled more than 7 years ago. Drawings from the author from the Russian forum.
Homi5 # 24 august 2021 in 10:58 0
Hi, does ut unclude plans for the canopy?
BIP # 28 june 2023 in 16:31 0
hello, I'm looking for a file plan for the rudder and elevator but can't find it, is there a tutorial photo for assembling the wingspan and rudder elevator
Krystian # 10 october 2023 in 16:52 0
Who finished this project? I have a problem with wings. A have few questions, please help me. I need a tips, photo or talk about it :)
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