Free plans for F-16 MJ

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Azamkl # 13 march 2023 in 14:12 0
I'm glad that my designed plane were listed in here.
How to make video

Cartoon Piper Cub RC Plane DIY

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How to make Cartoon Fatty Piper Cub RC airplane


DIY - Making an RC paper plane for less than 2$

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In this video i present you how i made a small paper plane guided with remote controle, for less than 2$


3D Printed Horten IX RC-Plane

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3D Druck Horten RC-Plane zweiter Flug als Segelflieger


DIY RC Jet airplane mixture of Flite Test Vector Pun jet F-22 LongEZ

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My son made a unique jet plane out of various airplanes


RC Suspension landing gear (DIY 3d-printed)

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This landing gear is a combination 3d printed parts, carbon fiber rods (~5mm and ~3mm) along with springs for suspension



DIY Piper J3 RC Plane From Foam

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DIY Piper J3 RC Plane From Foam


WLToys F949 Cessna-182 EASY TO FLY RC PLANE

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Review: WLToys F949 Cessna-182