Free plans for Chopper

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    Free plans for rc airplane Chopper

    CHOPPER is a super easy to build little high decker from 3 mm Depron. Thanks to the handy span of 75 cm, the take-off weight is between 200 and 240 grams. It is a very powerful 20-g engine is provided, with the CHOPPER can rise vertically. So flying is really fun.

    Free plans for rc airplane Chopper

    Due to the tailor-made, informative construction plan and the deliberately simple basic design, the model is ideal for beginners in the Depron and park pilot world.

    It is controlled by height, side and engine, although the retrofitting of ailerons or landing flaps is not necessary, but quite possible for a more precise control in a confined space. Then also simple aerobatics is feasible.


    DXW 2206 D2206 1500KV
    Buy:  AliExpressSimonK 20A
    Buy:  AliExpressSG90 Mini Gear Micro
    Buy:  AliExpress
    1pc KMP 8038 8X3.8
    Buy:  AliExpressR-Line 3S 850 mAh
    Buy:  AliExpressGNB 3S 850 mAh
    Buy:  AliExpress


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Comments (3)
Robert Bambrick # 20 october 2021 in 07:31 0
This little gem has to be a major winner in flying quality and so easy to build. Can't wait to get mine up and flying
Ekaterina # 18 october 2023 in 22:16 0
The plan provided and the electronics attached suggest different models of motors and LiPos, which weight and power varies, which shall I follow to get the best result? Can you help me out please.
RC Plane Poster # 19 october 2023 in 13:05 0
At your request, I have updated the list of electronics for the model aircraft Chopper. I kept one specific copy of each part.
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