Free plans for Partenavia P.59 Jolly

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How to make video

TD TPG RC Glider

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My Final Review Visuo XS812 Drone

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If your interested in this drone then you can buy it here from Banggod direct


How To Make RC Plane With Broken Helicopters

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How To Make RC Plane With Broken Helicopters


Miniature Jet Fighter Flies 500KM/H

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Visiting the most epic RC Fighter Jet club in the world! These jets can fly up to 500km/h and cost tens of thousands of dollars! 


Vladamir Sprite Hot on the slope

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How To Make a Aeroplane Car

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Learn - How To Make a Future Flying Bugatti Airplane Car



Flying the $10 nitro-powered parkflier RC plane you can build in 20 minutes

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Got $10 and 20 minutes of spare time? Well build this nitro-powered parkflier-size RC model plane for the Cox BabyBee engine and have a ball!