Free plans for Sikorsky S39 (Jupiter S39)

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How to make video

RC Corsair

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 How To build RC Corsair.  


How to retrofit your foam 3D RC plane to make it (almost) crash-proof

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You can retrofit your foam 3D RC plane to make it almost crash-proof by several easy modifications


Best Beginner RC Airplane Top Race 3Ch Mini RC Trainer Plane

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Top Race 3 Channel Remote Control Airplane, The TR-C285G Upgraded rc plane was designed Ready To Fly (RTF) with the Propeller Saver Technology for training for new pilots and intermediate pilots


How to make rc airplane tyre at home

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Hi everyone today IAM showing you how to make rubber tyres for RC airplane I hope you enjoy this video


PURE Mini Vision Slope Soaring

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Just the sun, the sea, the wind and the Mini Vision Slope Soaring


RC plane sukhoi Homemade

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This video shows the buildup of 4 RC sukhois using a DIY 4 axis CNC mill


How To Make Simple RC Airplane For Simple Radio Control

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Arduino simple radio control


Slope Soaring the Starlet

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It`s been a couple of weeks since I`ve last been out flying, so it was nice to get out and take advantage of a favorable wind and fly one of my old school slope soarers