Free plans for SuperNova

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    SuperNova inspired by rcFoamFighters SuperNova foam pusher plane.

    Plans 3D printed RC airplane SuperNova

    Wings are 1 layer shells (0.4mm) with 1 layer cross internal structure (0.4mm).
    3D files are of the right side of the plane only. You will need to mirror all the parts to make the left side.
    See PDFs.

    Plans 3D printed RC airplane SuperNova

    Files with names starting with "smaller" is alternative prints for those who got smaller printers (split in 2 at center compared to the larger parts).

    Plans 3D printed RC airplane SuperNova

    Center of gravity: approx 45,5 cm from the tip of the nose.

    I got my plane to 1420 grams incl. electronics (4S 1300mAh).
    Parts glue toghether using (sandpaper+) superglue.

    Plans 3D printed RC airplane SuperNova


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