Free plans for F-15 Micro

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Joe Carpino (Content Creator) # 30 september 2020 in 05:19 0
Just curious, This is my video and content, i never got any notification of permission to post this under your watermark. if you give me credit to all content in this article of my videos and pictures then id be happy to keep this post up.
Joe Carpino (Content Creator) # 30 september 2020 in 05:34 0
sorry about the last comment, disregard that. i see author credit to my name
How to make video

How to make RC Batwing Plane at home | 100% fly

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How to make airplane at home 


Eachine E016F hovercraft

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The Eachine E016F is a 3-in-1 hovercraft


FT Mini Corsair CRASH again DIY RC airplane

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just prop broken


RC Suspension landing gear (DIY 3d-printed)

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This landing gear is a combination 3d printed parts, carbon fiber rods (~5mm and ~3mm) along with springs for suspension


How to Make a Remote Control Plane at Home

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For this video I need supper glue, cardboard, old car`s wheel, Iron wire, Push Pins Drawing Cork Board, small screws (if you want to remove the plane part you have to use a small screw


E Sky Albatross 2.6m electric glider RC plane

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This RC glider can be flown with or without electric motor and is probably best suited to the slope due to its 2



HOW TO MAKE RC PLANE AT HOME .(Ethiopian Cessna 172)

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in this video, I am building an RC model of the Ethiopian Cessna 172 plane