Free plans for Buschtrottel

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bisco # 11 march 2021 in 04:04 0

can this be built wit adams foam board?
MarineRecon # 27 may 2023 in 00:18 0
Ca we get text written in English, please???
How to make video

behind the scenes footage, BOEING 777-9X model airplane

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the main landing gear has failed the test! I have to reconstruct the whole thing


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this video will show you the process how to make rc plane at home step by step easily, this is the homemade rc plane foam



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Simple Drone Make at Home that can fly

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lipo battery, rotor blades, 7000 rpm dc motor, a controlar, ice cream and stick, and quick fix glue


R/C Cardboard Stick Plane

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I built this simple plane because I had this wing left over from a school project and didn`t want to let it go to waste


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