Free plans for Weekend Wren

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    free rc plane plans pdf download - balsa rc Biplane Weekend Wren

    A simple but great line for a mini biplane like this, the number of parts is simplified and with no rudder it is even simpler. Both wings are the same, except that the one below has small ailerons controlled by only one servo, another controls the elevator with a push rod.

    ome specifications: Channels: 3, Ailerons, elevator and motor. (2 servos + 1 ESC) Wingspan: 425 mm. Weight: 225g

    free rc plane plans pdf download - balsa rc Biplane Weekend Wren

    Balsa wood needed: 3 mm, 2 mm, y 1.5 mm, a large sheet of each should be sufficient. Strips of balsa of 5X6 – 6X17 – 4×12 y 5×5 mm.
    Playwood or liteply: 3 mm for the formers and spars.
    Glues CA, UHU HART or wood glue.

    free rc plane plans pdf download - balsa rc Biplane Weekend Wren



    2205 2300Kv2205 2300Kv
    BangGood, AliExpress
    Esc 20A BecEsc 20A Bec
    BangGood, AliExpress
    4.8G Servo4.8G Servo
    BangGood, AliExpress
    5045 Prop5045 Prop
    BangGood, AliExpress
    3S 450Mah Lipo3S 450Mah Lipo
    BangGood, AliExpress

    How to make mini RC biplane.

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