Free plans for Bixler

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Khem Singh # 11 january 2023 in 06:10 0
What about CG for this plane
How to make video

3D Printed P-38 Lightning from 3DLabPrint

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Here is my build/flight vlog of my 3D printed P-38 Lightning from 3DLabPrint


DIY:- Automatic Paper Plane Launche

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Hello Guys, Today I have Do it Yourself DIY:- Electric Plane Launcher


3D printed Spitfire RC plane - Transmitter arduino

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This is the second part of the 3D Spitfire RC plane


iFlight Bumblebee Cinewhoop Review

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Review iFlight Bumblebee 


FLYING Leaf Blower RC airplane Mk2

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The awaited re attempt at leaf blower flight is now here! *spoilers* it flies!


DIY rc fpv plane . Fluted plastic sheets . 3D print

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Your help could me to continue more easily what I already do,moreover to realize and share more ambitious projects


SOLAR RC PLANE - The Structure

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We built a solar RC plane


How to fly 4 channel RC airplane

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This is the very basics to learning how to fly 4 channel RC airplane