Free plans for Slowboat

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How to make video

RC Plane Homemade cheap way..

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This is a very good ,stable and high performance plane


Boomerang II - Seagull 1.5m wingspan ARF Sports Trainer RC aeroplane, with an O.S. FS 52 - 4-stroke.

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This is a look at, and flight of, a ARF Sports Trainer aeroplane, the Boomerang II made by the Seagull Model Company


Make an RC plane control rod using fly tying technique

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This video describes how to make an easily removable control rod out of piano wire for use in RC planes




3D Printed Stik RC Plane

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First flights of a 3D printed Stik RC plane


E Sky Albatross 2.6m electric glider RC plane

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This RC glider can be flown with or without electric motor and is probably best suited to the slope due to its 2


Amokka rc slope glider

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PW2019 airfoil, 2 m wingspan, 1kg weight