How to Build RC Savage Bobber - Planeprint

This is full highly detailed build video of this 3d printed rc airplane. I will show how to setup all the electronics and how to assemble the entire airplane.

Thank you so much for watching!

STL Files:

How to Print Thin Wall:

Big Bobber Videos Assemble

Part 1:

Assemble Part 2:

Full Maiden Flight:

 Quick Full Build:

These are the settings I used for my Artillery Sidewinder 3D Printer for. surface layer 3. These settings are not going to work with every printer, or every PLA. Printers have different length bodin tubes, and PLA’s have different melting points. These may not work exactly for you, but should give you a good base to start with if you have a similar size printer. Good luck! Profile 3 Cura Settings: Quality: Layer Height – 0.25 Line Width – 0.4 Shell: Wall Line Count – 1 Infill: Infill Density – 0 Material: Printing Temperature – 215 Build Plate Temperature – 60 Flow – 100 Enable Retraction – Checked Retraction Distance – 1.3 Retraction Speed – 10 Retraction Extra Prime Amount – 0.3 Speed: Print Speed – 100 Outer Wall Speed – 35 Inner Wall Speed – 35 Travel Speed – 80 Travel: Combing Mode – off Cooling: Enable Print Cooling – Checked Fan Speed – 50 Mesh Fixes: Union Overlapping Volumes – NOT Checked Special Modes: Surface Mode – Surface Experimental: Slicing Tolerance – Middle

Disclaimer: I am sponsored by some of the products I mention. However, all of my opinions are my own. 

Free RC plane

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