FIRST EVER DJI FPV Drone - New Cinematic FPV Drone for beginners


The NEW DJI FPV drone is here! Check out the drone here -
By checking it out, you are helping Flite Test do what we do every week! Thanks to DJI for partnering with us!

DJI FPV Timecodes:
0:00 - Introduction
1:00 - Unboxing
2:00 - Drone Overview
7:06 - Transmitter Overview
12:09 - Goggle Overview
16:30 - Safety Brief
18:10 - Normal Mode Test Flight
20:55 - Sport Mode Test Flight
23:00 - Manual Mode Test Flight
25:25 - Full Manual Mode
29:00 - Motion Controller
32:50 - Pricing and Purchasing

Free RC plane

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