Flight Talk: E-flite® DRACO 2.0m (4K)


Filmed in 4K using an iPhone 12 Pro Max so it`s best viewed on a larger monitor/screen (and apologies for any focus/sound issues!). See the telemetry in action on the NX8 starting around the 12:05 mark. Flight begins around the 13:25 mark. See the BONUS Flight Talk video here:

Join us at a dry lake bed just outside of Las Vegas with Jason Merkle to learn about the features, flying characteristics and more of the ultimate bush plane!

The Extra Scale DRACO 2.0m is one of the most detailed and feature-rich E-flite® aircraft to date, and the only officially-licensed model of Mike Patey’s ultimate bush plane. It excels at STOL and scale-like flying — and looks amazing while doing both!

By most estimates, planning and building the full-size DRACO should have taken years. Entrepreneur Mike Patey — whose exceptional drive and Back to Work™ ethic have inspired thousands of people — accomplished it in just over five months! Mike started with a Wilga 2000, replacing its Lycoming O-540 piston engine with a Pratt u0026 Whitney PT6A-28 turboprop boasting about twice the power at half the weight. Many additional modifications followed before Mike proudly unveiled his “ultimate bush plane”. It could go to the same places as a Carbon Cub, but also climb twice as fast; reach altitudes up to 28,000 feet; and cruise cross-country at 180 MPH while carrying four people plus gear. Changes from the Wilga were so extensive that the FAA approved Mike’s redesign as an experimental exhibition aircraft. The DRACO 2.0m is equally unique and astounding — and it’s also one of the most highly-engineered, detailed and feature-rich E-flite® aircraft yet!

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