Delta Scratch Build Video

This is a quick build video for my RC Delta Pusher design. I do not go into every single litte detail about how to build this wing, you do need some basic scratch building skills to complete this project - but this is a very simple scratchbuilt platform for park flying!

Center of Gravity = 7 inches from nose

Wingspan: 30 inches
Root Chord: 11
Tip Chord: 9 (including 2 inches of elevon)
Sweep: 9
Weight: 250 grams (without the battery, with the motor, ESC)

PDF plans:

1 x 30" x 20" foamboard sheet
1 x 30" x 15" 1/2 inch pink foam
Strapping tape
Hot glue
Popsicle sticks
Control horns/push rods
Motor with mounting system

Knife, ruler, pen, hotglue gun, pliers

Servos: 9 gram T-Pro servos
Original motor - 1300 kV blue wonder from HeadsUpRC
New motor - 1300 kV Emax 2822 from HeadsUpRC

Rx: Orange Rx 6 Channel DSM2 compatible
Tx: Dx7se

Let me know what questions you have or any recommendations!

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