Free plans for Piper Cub Micro

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Tilius # 4 december 2022 in 03:15 0
What sort of tape and clear film are u using. Looks like cling wrap, not so sure about the red tape, very well put together post, ta.
RC Plane Poster # 8 october 2023 in 18:23 0
Electronics have been added for this aircraft model.
How to make video

How to build an rc plane (F-22 Raptor)

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I`ll be installing the electronics and getting ready for the maiden flight.


Joerg Slope Soaring His Ranger 600

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Joerg saw me soaring the cliffs last week whilst he was out running the coastal path and stopped to speak to me because he`d just purchased a couple of models to learn to fly and in particular he...




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Wingspan 220cm Fuselage 170cm Motor predator 42xx 560kv Esc 80a Batre 4s 10



Banggood Eachine EAT08

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Good Cheap 1/14 RC Truck


Flight test Homemade DIY RC AVATAR SCORPION 3d Printed

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 Hi, This is flight test my homemade diy avatar scorpion 3d printed


Alula rc slope soaring

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