Free plans for Angry Birds

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    Angry Birds RC model plans



    Buy: AliExpress
    Red Brick 10A ESC
    Buy: AliExpress
    SG90 Mini Gear Micro
    Buy: BangGood, AliExpress
     2S 450mAh
    Buy: AliExpress
    2s 520mAh
    Buy: AliExpress
    Prop 8040-8060
    Buy: AliExpress


    Plans RC Aircraft Angry Birds

    This bird flies great!
    It is stable, predictable in all modes, for the most part due to the low center of gravity.


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Comments (5)
Ed # 21 february 2019 in 10:19 0
Can anyone translate the plans into English or tell me where to find them in English. Thanks you ED
RC Plane Poster # 8 march 2019 in 18:16 0
RC Plane Poster # 21 february 2019 in 11:31 0
Everything is clear from the context. The captions on the drawing are in German.
t miller # 28 december 2019 in 16:44 0
anyone have drawings for the other birds?
RC Plane Poster # 6 october 2023 in 09:59 0
Angry Birds: Electronics list has been updated.
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