Free plans for Flying Wing 700

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How to make video

Review Eachine Nano VTX

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Took the 7 inch floss to test out the Eachine Nano VTX


DRACO LIVES ON! E-flite DRACO 2M Unboxing, Assembly & Flight

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Just like the full scale DRACO, the scaled down version is definitely a showstopper!! 


Rc glider - Nexus 900 3D Printed - Wow!

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3D printed RC sloper.


How To make a RC Flying Car Mini

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Tutorial - DIY, make a RC Flying Car Mini, Form "Hot wheels street hawk Flying Car"


Making an RC airplane canopy (without a vacuum former)

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This is a brief demonstration of how I make plastic canopies without a vacuum former


How to land 3D printed plane in snow

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I`m getting millions of requests every day asking me how to land a 3D printed RC plane in snow



Print THIS Plane! (FREE .stl Files)

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DISCLAIMER: I highly recommend that you have experience with flying model aircraft