Free plans for Cap 232 40

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    The Cap 232 is designed to be simple and easy to assemble. Once in the air, the Cap 232 40 truly shines with its exceptional flight characteristics. The wing loading has been optimized to make it exceptionally nimble and capable of a variety of different maneuvers. The Cap 232 40 RC Plane can perform loops easily from level flight. Crisp rolls, loops, inverted flight and more are all possible with the Cap 232 40 RC Airplane! 


    Plans Balsa RC airplane CAP 232 40


    Engine: OS 40 LA, OS 46 FX 
    Propeler: APS 12x4 


    CAP 232 40 Plans


    Plans RC model F3A airplane CAP 232 40


    PDF Plans CAP 232 40


    CAP 232 40 plans



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