Free plans for Extra 330 mini

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Lukas Bradley # 29 july 2019 in 19:55 0
can i put a 500kv motor on that
RC Plane Poster # 3 august 2019 in 15:40 0
Yes you can.
Алексей # 6 december 2022 in 16:50 0
можете инструкцию по сборке скинуть?
How to make video

Sky Surfer X8 1480mm RC Airplane

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how to make rc landing gear

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Another type of DIY landing gear using 3 pieces of wire



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DJI Phantom 4 mini looking drone with GPS and gimbal


DIY How to make a Thermocol Rc plane

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DIY rc airplane model

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This model is of Air Asia`s small prototype Rc model which is made in India.


Diatone+Eachine+TBS= Epic 3 inch! ER349 SX review

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This 3 inch is an absolute monster!! Soooo much power, i don`t do it justice!


DIY How to Make a Home Made Rc Plane

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Diy how to make a rc plane


Extreme Flight Vanquish MKII F3A

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