Free plans for FOAMeIIx 3D

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Daniel S. # 24 may 2020 in 17:18 0
Hi!! With 2216 motor... 1155 propeller? Or better with 10x4.7?
Very nice!! Thanks!!
RC Plane Poster # 25 may 2020 in 05:47 0
You can choose a propeller for your flight style. 10x4.7 - for the slow and stately, 11x5.5 - for more speedy and power figures.
Azamkl # 13 march 2023 in 14:09 0
Recently build this with 6mm depron and turn out it was tail heavy with the recommended setup. Even I'm using 11.1v 2200mah lipo that put way forward.. still tail heavy.. First maiden didn't end up well.
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