Free plans for Ultimate 120

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    Free plans for rc airplane Ultimate 120

    His Ultimate plans are for a 1.20 4 Stroke with a wingspan around 156cm. I'm looking at powering it with a .91 4 stroke so have scaled it down roughly 85% to 130cm wingspan.

    Free plans for rc airplane Ultimate 120

    A while back I put together a small Ace Simple Ultimate which is powered by a .15 and I'm impressed with it so figure a larger scale version would be great! I'm also thinking of putting some of the design concepts of the smaller version into the larger version too perhaps… will have to see how the build goes.

    Free plans for rc airplane Ultimate 120

    I've attached the plans in PDF format, I assume they're free considering I downloaded them from a free plans website… if anyone has any thoughts on the designer or tips for building this bird I'd be greatful for your reply!

    Free plans for rc airplane Ultimate 120

    Free plans for rc airplane Ultimate 120

    Free plans for rc airplane Ultimate 120

    Free plans for rc airplane Ultimate 120

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Jesus Gonzalez # 2 december 2021 in 23:19 0
Hi, How can I open the Frw files?
RC Plane Poster # 3 december 2021 in 10:30 0
You can download the program Kompas -
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