Free plans for Super Bandit

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How to make video

Prototyping a 3D Printed Plane

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Community member Tyler Kenepp lets Josh fly his 3D-printed FT Explorer!


How to make origami paper plane

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origami flying paper crafts




How to Make a Origami Paper Plane That Flies Far

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R/C Cardboard Stick Plane

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I built this simple plane because I had this wing left over from a school project and didn`t want to let it go to waste


How to make a cardboard airplane properly

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In this video, we are going to make a cardboard airplane (glider) properly, we are going to use techniques used in RC airplanes builds but using cardboard


Larva x HD // Loopz review

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yo whats up guys, it was a bit dark and i chatted a lot of shit but tried my best and this is what i got haha