Free plans for MX-2

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    Free plans for rc airplane MX-2

    Together with the drawings of the radio-controlled aircraft model, assembly instructions lie. Instructions in Russian, use a translator.

    Free plans for rc airplane MX-2


    Free plans for rc airplane MX-2


    Free plans for rc airplane MX-2


    Free plans for rc airplane MX-2

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Comments (4)
OMAR # 27 may 2020 in 11:46 0
Hi sir,

I’ld like to know how much is the fuel consumption or the fuel capacity of the engine and how much time it works with that amount of fuel?
Thank you very much
RC Plane Poster # 28 may 2020 in 12:04 0
Fuel consumption depends on which engine you install. It also depends on your flight style.
Usually set the tank for 12-15 minutes of flight.
Omar # 28 may 2020 in 13:51 0
Thank you for your replying.

I’d like to know how much the fuel tank capacity for 3w 28i or 3w 55i engine based on your experience?
Anit # 6 december 2022 in 16:52 0
I want know how can I get Mx2 assembly instruction manual in English language.
How to make video


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