Free plans for Twin Motor (easy)

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mugera kevin # 15 may 2020 in 13:34 0
i would like to teach me please
How to make video



Full review of the holystone hs450 mini drone

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Hello people in this video I’m going to be reviewing the holy stone HS 450 with a whole lot of features obstacle avoidance and lots of other fun features


RC Predator RTF DIY 2 Channel Airplane

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This is my box opening and build of the RC Predator RTF DIY from ZHCHORC Toys


Italian trainer BM-339 assembly and test flight

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[Turbojet engine] Probably the fastest fried "chicken" video on all tubing, my heart is broken!


RC Aircraft Light Module DIY - PCB Tutorial

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 JLCPCB Prototype for $2 (Any Color): 


DJI Mavic Mini Clone Eachine E58 Drone Review

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The best DJI Mavic mini clone review Eachine E58 drone with an antenna range upgrade and wifi mod to boost the fun flying this very good and cheap clone of the DJI Mavic with an HD camera and...


How To Make a Simple Airplane

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How To Make a Simple Airplane | Simple Thermocol Plane Making